The dawning of 2018 (our big year) provides like any new beginning, great potential. Drawing on the experience of the past we seek to embrace all of the possibilities of the year ahead. Confident that by our best efforts we will grow spiritually as individual searchers of truth, but perhaps more importantly help others to realise their own potential through the sharing of Spiritualist teaching. In my personal view this is the very strength of Spiritualism where we are allowed to think and find expression individually, but then to come together for the greater good of the whole.

All too often we allow ourselves to become engrossed in criticism. Social media provides a ready platform to express views which sadly are destructive both on a personal and organisational level. Perhaps before we press 'post' we should all take a moment to reflect on how what we say will affect the lives of others. Whilst criticism can be a catalyst for change and growth this should not in my opinion be achieved through the indiscriminate hurt to others delivered with little or no thought given to the consequences of our actions. This is without doubt a test of our own personal responsibility in our lived experience.

During 2018 the second World Congress of Spiritualists will meet at Stansted Hall. In the four years since Lily Dale the world has changed in so many ways, such is the progression of life. But as we gather together let us proudly lift the banner of Spiritualism and through our shared ideas help to define a brighter stronger future for the movement. Always of course allowing the inspiration from Spirit to guide our thinking - thus contributing a stronger, more cohesive debate which will benefit everyone.

Whatever challenges or change we face individually or collectively in the year before us let us strive to grow a stronger, more caring and spiritually aware community which makes for a better world.

I wish you and your families a very Happy and spiritual New Year in 2018. Together we can make a difference, such is the power of the Spirit.

Minister David R Bruton


Spiritualists' National Union