Welcome to the new look ‘Healing News’ and a new look for the way Healing is administered within the SNU. This year the Healing Committee and the Training & Awards Committee have been re-constituted as a completely new Committee called the ‘Exponents Committee’. This new development will bring the Healing Accreditation Scheme, the Platform Accreditation Scheme and the Church Accreditation Scheme into one seamless ‘Accreditation’ process, where the three training plans are harmonised to give ‘Accreditation’ to all aspects of ‘Mediumship’. This will create a single and simple route to ‘Accreditation’, for everyone to follow. Of course this has meant that all the various levels of publications and paper work have to be updated and upgraded to make it appropriate for the 21st century, a big job however we have the team in place to do it.

The Exponents Committee is headed up by Minister Judith Seaman as Chairman, Minister Steven Upton as Vice-chair, Chrissie Waters CSNU as Secretary, Mark Bradley CSNU as Healing Co-ordinator, Tim Smith DSNU as Promotions & Publications Co-ordinator, Linda Walker as CSNU(t) Co-ordinator, Kathryn Crossley OSNU as CAAS Co-ordinator, Jean Smart CSNU as HAS Co-ordinator, Vanessa Follett CSNU as PAS & CSNU Reviews Co-ordinator, Trevor Barton CSNU as APL & SNUi Co-ordinator, and Minister Carol Ellis as our representative on the NEC as Exponents & Education Director.

As you can see a combination of experience and dynamic individuals all with a ‘Can Do’ attitude to bring to this new committee.

Over the next few months you will see how this new committee revitalises our Healing and Training processes and encourages more of our members to progress to higher education through the CSNU, DSNU and SNU teaching awards and appointments.

Watch this space for all these new improvements as they happen online in the Exponents section of the SNU website. There will be a Healing Blog, a Further Education Blog, an Awards Blog and an Exponents Blog.  All, will carry the latest news and views from the Exponents Committee and our Membership.

Tim Smith DSNU, Editor, Healing News.


2018 Registrations

It will soon be April and the time for renewing your SNU Healing Accreditation Registration. It is important you send in your renewal paperwork as soon as possible after you receive them, remembering that if the renewal has not been received by the 1st April 2018, you will be suspended as an Accredited Healer and you will not be insured to give healing, which means you or your church will become personally liable for any issues arising. All those who do return their fees before 1st April 2018 and those on Direct Debit payment can be assured they are fully insured even if their new Accreditation Card has not arrived by the 1st April.

When your card arrives you will see that the title on the card has been updated to reflect your true status as an SNU Accredited Healing Medium. It has been forgotten in the past, that since its inclusion in the early 1850’s of Spiritualist Healing in Spiritualist Divine Services, Spiritualist Healing has always been a form of Mediumship, a very pure and powerful form of mediumship. To reflect this truth, the word Mediumship is included on the card. The word Accredited has been added to establish the holder has taken part in an extensive and intensive training process to achieve Accreditation within the SNU.

When you receive your card this year you might also reflect on the fifth and seventh principle of our religion and ask yourself if you are ready to develop your Spiritualist Healing Mediumship by taking part in the extensive further education opportunities available to SNU Members, after all achieving Accredited Healing Status is only one step along the path of developing your Healing Mediumship. The exponents Committee is there to help you achieve this further development, through the CSNU, DSNU and CSNU(t) teacher training courses. Everything designed to help you progress as Spiritualist Healing Mediums.


Additions to our Code of Conduct.

As I am sure you noticed in the last issue of the Code of Conduct there were a few additions and changes to reflect the changes in UK Law and general changes being adopted within the Complementary Health community.

The one which seems to be causing the most difficulty is the addition regarding the length of time a Patient Record has to be stored. The easy part is ALL Patient Record Cards have to be kept for eight years after the last healing session recorded on the card, this is an additional year from what has been accepted in the past.

The more difficult part of the changes is the requirement to keep Patient Record Cards for infants, children & under 18 year olds. In simple terms the card of an under 18 has to be kept until they are 18 years old PLUS the eight years necessary for adult cards. In other words, until the person has reached the age of 26 years old, no matter how many years it was since the Healing was given.

The simplest way to deal with this is to have a separate section in your records exclusively for under 18 healings. This means the Patient Record Card of the Parent or Guardian which would include the section pertinent to the under 18 would be easy to find and keep track of. We recognise this seems an inordinate time to keep records, however in terms of availability should a legal issue arise, makes it one the SNU have to adopt to make sure our members are protected and in-line with UK Law. Any further questions regarding the Code of Conduct please email the healing co-ordinator of the Exponents Committee


Advertising Healing

Just a reminder to our Church Kindred Body, Pioneer Centre or Healing Centre Registered Healing Mediums whom are Advertising and Practising Spiritualist Healing away from Churches. All Church Registered Healing Medium are permitted to practise healing but only under the auspices of the Healing Group of a Church, Kindred Body, Pioneer Centre or Healing Centre, to which they have been duly appointed and registered with the Exponents Committee by the Church, Kindred Body, Pioneer Centre or Healing Centre. Otherwise their SNU insurance is invalidated.


New Look Healing Accreditation Process.

Here’s how the new Healing Accreditation Scheme (HAS) will work in the future. It is modelled on the SNU PAS and CAAS schemes which have been in operation for some time. It should be noted that this is not training and assessment for an SNU Award of Recognition (e.g. SNU(h) or DSNU(H)), but is an assessment for upgrading to an ‘SNU Accredited Healing Medium’. Under the new Healing Accreditation Scheme now known as ‘HAS’, the Accreditation Final Assessment Boards will be done by District Council Healing Sub-Committee’s as before. 



Prior to you attending the accreditation assessment it is recommended that you read the following helpful notes:

  1. Read the H1 education course notes. This establishes within your mind what you should have learnt from the course.  Depending on the course you have been studying you may or may not have had to answer questions on SNU Administration or on anatomy.
  2. Read your SNU Healing Code of Conduct and your Healing and the Law booklet to ensure you understand the necessary rules and regulations that are mandatory to all SNU Accredited Healing Mediums, who must abide by them at all times.
  3. Have with you some antiseptic gel or hand-wipes. Water for drinking will be provided at the assessment venue.
  4. Ensure you wear appropriate clothing and do not use strong perfume, deodorant or after-shave, as this can be unsettling to some patients, as can the odour of cigarettes or strongly flavoured foods.
  5. Ensure that you arrive at the venue at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to the time of the assessment in order to give yourself time to recover from the stress of your journey.



The District Healing Sub-Committee will decide the timing and order of the assessment, depending on the number of candidates for assessment, however:

  1. You will be asked to produce your current SNU Spiritualist Healing Medium’s Registration Card and, if you are an Individual Member who is not registered as a Church healing medium, your current SNU Individual Membership Credential Card at your assessment.
  2. You may be asked to set up the area to be used for a healing service.
  3. When you are undergoing the practical assessment it is a healing service and should be looked upon as such and consequently you may be asked to open or close in prayer.
  4. You will be required to give Contact Healing to four patients and you will be given a time limit of a maximum of 1 hour to do this.
  5. Either before or after the practical assessment, you will be called before the Assessment Panel for your oral Test and Private Interview questions.
  6. Your oral assessment will consist of 10 questions, which are based on the Education Course H1, the SNU Healing Code of Conduct and the Healing and the Law Booklet.

Private Interview questions are to find out about you and your opinions as a SNU Healing Medium. This Assessment is a PASS or FAIL, as no marks are given to your answers.

7. As you complete the practical, and oral assessments your papers are marked accordingly.  There is a minimum pass mark of 70% for each section.If you do not achieve a minimum of 70% in both sections, you will not be recommended for becoming Accredited.  This means that you can fail either or both parts of your assessment. Either way your assessors will give you positive feed-back on your assessment and inform you what happens next.


Remember we are all there to help you achieve your goal to become an Accredited Healing Medium, so there is no need to feel nervous or stressed, the process is always handled with care and attention to your needs and feelings. The training process is one the Exponents Committee has worked hard to streamline and make one of the best in the world, so we hope you are successful and wish you the best for your future accreditation as an SNU Accredited Healing Medium.


New Healing and Exponents Courses at the AFC

The new look Healing Weeks at the Arthur Findlay College Stansted Hall are now

 March 10th to 16th 2018

 June 1st to 8th 2019.

For more details and how to book contact the AFC by calling 01279 816636 or email [email protected]

The brand new Exponents Weeks are:

 June 30th to 3rd July 2018

3rd to 10th February 2019

For more details and how to book contact the AFC by calling 01279 816636 or email [email protected]

Or email: [email protected]   Making the subject line ‘Exponents Weeks at the AFC’


New Accredited Healers

I am sure you will all wish to congratulate the following members who have successfully taken part in the SNU training programme and achieved Accreditation as an Accredited Spiritualist Healing Medium.

As of 1st December 2017:


Mr Jim Dunderdale

Ms Jayne Crossman

Mrs Rachel Bailey

Miss Kathryn Stones

Mrs June Lee

Ms Tina Rachle

Mrs Elizabeth Bayford

Stephen p Marriott

Mr Graham Clarke

Mrs Louise Headington


We would also like to extend our congratulations to all Members who have achieved SNU awards.


Science and Spiritual Healing Mediumship

During Christmas week at the AFC a series of experiments were carried out, some of which involved a healing session. Three healers from the Stansted Healers were asked to give Spiritualist Healing to three students on the week. The experiments were carried out by the Science team from Northampton University and involved adding a headset to the patient and monitoring the patient’s brainwave activity during the healing session.

What was expected was that from the normal aware state the patient would slowly become calmer and more relaxed which would be reflected in the brain activity. At first this is exactly what happened, but then, it all changed though the healer and patient were totally relaxed the brainwave pattern indicated a quite different state of mind. It was described by one of the scientists as almost as though the patient was experiencing a ‘heightened emotional state’, though clearly physically they seemed complete relaxed.  To make things more puzzling for the science team the three repeated experiments gave the same results, despite the three different healing styles of the healers and three different patients.

The science team were at a loss to explain the results and were generous enough to admit that “Something was going on, and not what they expected”. However clearly more experimentation is needed, using more advanced headsets, which need to be applied to both Healer and Patient at the same time. It is hoped that once a fund to raise the £6000 needed to purchase a second headset is achieved the University and the SNU with the help of the Stansted Healers, will be able to conduct more detailed studies. (Any donations to this fund can be made by contacting Tanya Smith at the AFC. [email protected] ).

Thanks to the provision of a Science Lab at the AFC created and funded by the SNU, it will be possible to encourage more scientific experimentation and in particular explore the power of Healing energy in a way scientifically acceptable.

The images below show how this energy manifested itself during the experiment. 


Snapshot images of a patient’s brain activity during a healing session taken at intervals. The first recorded as the patient began to receive healing energy (Fig.1). The second as the session progressed and the patient became calmer and more relaxed (Fig 2). The third image as the patient continued to relax all indicated by the progression into the blue-end of the spectrum and away from the red and active end of the spectrum, which is how the brain activity level is indicated by the software being used (Fig 3). The last image was expected to follow this progression into the blue-end of the spectrum, but as you can see brain activity became anything but calm, though patient and healer, externally, were in a relaxed and calm condition (Fig 4).  This experiment was repeated three times with different Spiritualist Healing Mediums and different patients, all gave similar results.

Thanks goes to the Scientists at Northampton University for allowing the publication of these images. These are only preliminary indications of unusual activity and will need considerably more investigation to determine what is happening during this process and coming to any scientifically valid conclusions.



2018 marked the first Healing Week at the Arthur Findlay College under the auspice of the new Exponents Committee formed by the amalgamation of the SNU Healing and Training and Awards committees.

This year marked a return to a course dedicated to expanding the knowledge and practical experience of those students wishing to explore their own ability, to help others through attunement to the power of spiritual healing mediumship and the God Force; while at the same time offering students already on that road a chance to prepare for their up and coming assessment to become fully accredited Spiritualist Healing Mediums within the Spiritualists’ National Union.

The course was organised by the Chairman of the Exponents Committee Minister Judith Seaman, who is one of the Arthur Findlay College most experienced and popular course tutors, ably assisted by Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU(H) and Tim Smith DSNU(H) both experienced, dedicated and passionate advocates of SNU Spiritualist Healing Mediumship. The Healing Week was designed to offer students a basic grounding in the mechanics of Healing Mediumship, and to those wishing to explore their own potential to be healers, alongside a wider chance to experience practical demonstrations of healing including: Trance Healing, Absent Healing, breathing techniques, the importance of ‘sitting in the power’ meditation and much more.   While at the same time expanding their knowledge of the art and science of Spiritual Healing through Lectures, Tutorials and experiential opportunities to enjoy the power of attunement to spirit energy.

During this week of enlightenment, two Dutch students were able to take their final assessment and become fully accredited Spiritualist Healing Mediums, while thanks to the enlightenment given during the week, eight students were given the confidence to go further and decided they would like to train to become SNU accredited healers, beginning their journey by registering with the SNU and receiving their Individual Membership of the SNU and SNUi, enrolment on the H1 basic Healing written course and registration with the Exponents Committee as a trainee Spiritualist Healing Medium.

Healing Week at the Arthur Findlay College was once again able to offer a course to suit all levels of Healing development from those exploring their own potential to those wishing to hone their skills in a safe and supportive environment.

The course leaves no one in doubt as to the wonderful power available to all of us in this physical world should we wish to engage with the God-force and help others to be healed spiritually, mentally and physically. As an example of this power, during the week the students were encouraged to sit in a healing circle and send their healing thoughts to a number of patients scattered across the world. This dedication was rewarded by the end of the week when they received feedback on their efforts.

A patient in Finland undergoing a life threatening operation was initially helped through sleep which had been lacking prior to the healing prayers of the group and then through a rapid recovery after the operation. The medics in charge were so pleased with the miraculous progress of the patient they were preparing to discharge the patient well in advance of their previous expectation.

In the same prayer, a patient in Italy was sent healing thoughts. Again rest and sleep were administered by spirit to the patient who was suffering from a very serious physical condition which left them mentally depressed and unable to sleep or relax.

Over the week the patient’s condition improved through daily prayers sent by the healing circle. By the end of the week the patient was sufficiently recovered to be moved from a high-dependency environment to one of recovery. An email from the family was sent to friends at the college, thanking them for their efforts and quoting the medics who said; “they were astonished by the recovery”, and also said; “he must have had a divine help”.

This positive feedback underlines the power of Spiritual Healing to help body, mind and spirit to recover. Though we never diagnose a patient or promise to heal them we always guarantee that whatever the outcome our healing prayers will be of some positive value to a patient on their journey in the physical life. It also highlights to those wishing to become spiritual healers what a wonderful life-path it is to follow.

In the future, the Exponents Committee hope many more will take the opportunity this course offers to all those who feel they wish to help others and the planet with their healing powers and enjoy the learning experience alongside a group of like-mined people in a unique educational environment, where serious development is tempered by a friendly companionship and a joyous atmosphere where we all wish to be of service to others while progressing our own spiritual development.

It would be wonderful to see the Arthur Findlay College filled with the power of Spiritualist Healing Mediums, all working to develop their own powers and spread the knowledge and experience of what it is to be a conduit for the God-force, channelled through the Spirit healers into this physical environment by our Spiritualist Healing Mediums.Our world and our Religion needs more Spiritualist Healing Mediums and the Healing Courses at the Arthur Findlay College and Barbanell Centre offer the best intensive development environments to become one.

The final act of the students and tutors of Healing Week 2018 at the Arthur Findlay College was to send their healing prayers to the world, to cure the inequality in humanity, to curb the violence and injustice of nations and to stop the thoughtless plunder of our environment. With more students attending the next Healing Week, we will make this an even more powerful plea for peace and love to prevail.

For more details of this and other Spiritual Healing Development Courses at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted and at the Barbanell Centre in Stafford visit our website at:




Give us your views on Healing in the 21st century

We are a community of over 1,500 SNU Accredited Healers who are dedicated to helping others become aware of the power of Gods healing power, we are also members of a special group within the SNU with our own views and opinions on Spiritualism and Spiritualist Healing Mediumship, so don’t be shy, send in your thoughts, ideas so we can communicate these among our community through this blog. Send us stories of your Healing experiences, let us know about Healers in your team who have achieved extraordinary results or who have dedicated their lives to this service to God.

Communication is a two-way process so attune to the Healing Blog as well as Spirit.


Tim Smith DSNU Healing News Editor.